The winter months of December, January, and February are known as the busy season in Arizona and is the perfect time to sell your home!    You might also think that the holidays will affect your home selling quickly but actually this is an excellent time to sell.

1. Holiday Decor: Holiday decorations are always eye catching and homeowners tend to put their best foot forward during this season.  Your home will show beautifully while adorned with all the glittery decorations and lights.  

2. Serious Buyers: People who are looking to buy a home during the winter months are serious and have a few extra days to hone in on their search.  There might be fewer of these buyers out there but they are the ones who are seriously looking.  

3. Capture the Relocating Buyer: January is often a time when employees begin new jobs.  When an employee must relocate they are in need of a home now and they want to move in ASAP!  That means they are looking and will buy the home that is best for them pronto. 

4. Scheduling Control: You are still in the driver's seat!   You can enjoy the holiday season with friends and family as you control when to have home showings and open houses!

5. Sell High, Buy Low: If you are looking to buy a home in the spring, selling now (and potentially renting short term) gives you a chance to have your current home sold and ready to purchase a new home.  This is ideal since the spring time will bring more buyers for you to compete with when you are looking to buy your next dream home.  

6. The Weather is Nice:  There is nothing worse than moving in  100 degree weather.  So move now while the weather outside is cool!