Some expired listings are just priced too high, but we have found that there is so much more than that.  Almost 40% of expired listings will relist within the next 30 days of being expired.   Consider this information below: 

1.  Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!  According to HGTV there are 15 secrets to staging a home and when done well it sells faster and for more $.

2. In one study done by HomeGain 95% of staged homes sold in 30 days or less with an ROI of over 4,000%!

3. Promotion is critical to exposure!  More exposure equals more dollars.  When you couple good presentation with proper promotion the magic happens.   Promoting via digital, social networking, and ARMLS with over 33,000 paying agent subscribers you get the most promotion.

4. One of the myths of expired listings is that they are priced poorly.  That may be true but we have found that they usually lacked proper presentation and promotion and pricing came in a distant third.  

5. Many realtor agents are starved for listings.  This leads to lack of experience in proper sales methods to get  home sold with proper presentation, promotion, and pricing.